JA Mitius 素蟋

JA Mitius is February 2013 responsive Joomla! gaming template for Joomla 3.0 and Joomla 2.5. It runs on our brand new T3v3 Framework with tons of backend customization config options.

JA Mitius sports the hot MegaMenu (the T3v3 one) and tons of bonus styles for varrious Joomla! default layouts. Also released is the countdown module to show a timer to site visitors for any event or for site launch. It comes in 4 color styles, which you can see in live action on the demo site Make sure you check all the pages in the live demo.

Built upon JA's robust JAT3V3 Framework, JA Mitius is responsive and fits all the web enabled devices and mobile browsers with ease.

This template does not support RTL CSS style.

Joomla! 2.5

  • Release Date: 22 Feb 2013
  • Current version: 1.0.0
  • Download: 5425 

Complimentary Extensions:

JA Content PopUp module

JA Content Popup Module

allows easy and elegant display of articles (from selected categories) and display them with thumbnail image, title and description. The thumnails together build up a portfolio layout. The full article will be opened in a popup with cool animation.

JA Countdown module

JA Countdown Module

JA Countdown is a simple and helpful Joomla! module to display a countdown to any specific date and time. You don't have to worry about the format, simply choose the date and time in back-end and you have a cool countdown clock to go.

JA Login Module

JA Login Module

JA login module is alternate joomla! login module with special styles associated and can be placed at various position, while you can retain the standard login module in the default position.

JA Slideshow Lite Module

JA Slideshow Lite

Display images from a folder. Includes auto-resized images, beautiful animation effects, and inline text-embeded descriptions. This module use css3 to enable animation effects and supports responsive design

JA ContentSlider Module

JA ContentSlider Module

Slide your articles from Joomla! categories with cool effects, rich backend configs covering layout, animation control, auto thumbnail creation, images size, number of articles, sorting & much more...

JA Popup plugin

JA PopUp plugin

An elegant Javascript based image, media and gallery viewer. It turns your clustered content items (image, youtube videos, iframe, ajax, flash, html…) into lightweight showcase. Very rich backend to control the popup display...

JA Sidenews Module

JA Sidenews Module

Great way to display your articles in module, comes with auto thumbnail, alignment options, show or hide date of articles, article details, or images. Choose number of articles to display with sorting options...

JA NewsTicker Module

JA NewsTicker Module

Display latest articles with cool animation effect as News Ticker, select categories to include, length of titles, sorting or even control buttons. Decent way to scroll out your latest info in limited space...

JA Facebook Activity Module

JA FaceBook Activity Module

This module will show the activity related to your site on facebook, when user like the content on your site and when users share content from your site back to Facebook.

JA Accordion Module

JA Accordion Module new

Load modules with accordion effect by publishing them to an specific position. Elegant way to load multiple modules in limited space with cool accordion effect. Check JA Kranos homepage for example..

JA Tabs

JA Tabs

This module enables to load specified modules, categories, contents and even your own defined text, rendered flexibly in tabs, saving your precious page space. Rich configurable effects & template specific styles...


JA Extensions Manager Component

JA Extension Manager

JoomlArt's very own updates & upgrade manager for extensions & templates. Easy access to changelogs, versions, comparison of files and versions and seamless upgrades...

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